Market for Hunger

Student project concept for a fundraiser in partnership with Feeding America.


Create an environmental data visualization experience where individuals can discover unexpected patterns and relationships using a digital interface.


The Market for Hunger is a night market fundraiser in partnership with Feeding America and utilizes data visualization and environmental graphics as a way to empower the community in supporting those in need.


Survey Creation, Contextual Research, Journey Mapping, Goal Hierarchy, Data Visualization Concept Sketches, Data Collection, Paper Prototyping, User Interface Design, Data Visualization



As a result of the user research, we determined our primary audience to be individuals between 18-35. These individuals attend the event primarily with friends and are seeking out new experiences and a sense of wonder.


We began interviewing individuals and distributed a 9 question survey aimed at understanding who attends night markets, and how they interact with the event.


Simple Payment and Wayfinding

When attendees approach the entrance ticket booth, they will add funds to their event account to use during the evening via a smartwatch. This can be prepaid, or tied to a credit or debit card, and serves as the event-wide payment method as a way to simplify the transaction process.

View Your Impact

Throughout the night, attendees will have access to kiosks that showcase how their donation will impact those in need, in addition to exploring trends in food insecurity using an interactive display.

Empower Your Community

Within the event space, informational graphics will open a dialogue between friends, family, and the community on hunger and food insecurity.

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