Cosmic Brownies

A space-centric packaging concept for Little Debbie's Cosmic Brownies.


Redesign the packaging of an existing product that is available in a convenience or grocery store.


Reimagine Cosmic Brownies using clean and colorful imagery reminiscent of the cosmos as a way to evoke curiosity and excitement over a classic product line.


Both bulk and individual packaging ideas were considered for the product in the beginning before eventually focusing in on an individually packaged item. Individually packaged items are a low commitment entry point for those who may be curious about the product, but who don't want to buy the typical bulk package available in grocery stores.


Upon determining the packaging size, I further refined the visual styling of the packaging and began prototyping my designs. Initial designs featured the product label over the base packaging, but for the sake of maintaining readability needed additional components.

Final Packaging


The final packaging design that would utilize vellum for the base packaging, and a paper sash over top. This would allow the brownie and colorful sprinkles to contribute to the design while maintaining readability.


To match the 'cosmic' name of the product, I developed a concept design that aimed to relate the cosmos and the colorful chocolate chips from the brownie. The primary package would feature only a constellation pattern based on the view from the northern hemisphere.

Product Label

Surrounding the wrapper would be a sash that features a purple and accent color of either blue, green, orange, or yellow to reference the various chocolate chip colors. This part of the design would provide the consumer information and provide extra protection again wear and tear.